Choose a Site Selection Microsite template

Explore the following options for your Intelligence Components and ZoomProspector Enterprise tools.

What is a Site Selection Microsite?

Put all our online data tools into one interactive turnkey template.


Offer robust, detailed, and interactive demographic information directly on your Demographics webpage.

Business Data

Deliver an understanding of your business environment with interactive industry data.

Dynamic Maps

Enable visualization of geographic information for education, local GIS layers, transportation, and infrastructure.

Compare Communities

Compare the data on demographics, labor force and consumer spending for two or more communities.

Community Infographic

Community profile infographic visualizes your data with attractive graphics, making it easier for website visitors to absorb and understand.

Sites & Buildings Search

If you are part of ZoomProspector Enterprise, we can include the Site and Buildings Search tool into your new microsite.

Responsive Design

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.

Retina Ready Graphics

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on retina screen displays. Retina icons, fonts & all others graphics are optimized.

Customizable Options

Plug in your logo, images and customized color to match the organizational branding on your website and marketing materials.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Q. What are the Intelligence Components?

GIS Planning’s Intelligence Components define the next generation… Users search, map and analyze demographic and business data directly from your website pages, all in one polished, intuitive interface that neatly complements your existing branding.

Learn more about Intelligence Components

Q. Who uses these Site Selection Microsites?

We built these turnkey microsites for economic development organizations wishing to offer the latest online data tools to businesses and site selectors. The full suite of Intelligence Components and your ZoomProspector Enterprise GIS site selection tool are packaged in one convenient, attractive website.

Q. Can I use these Site Selection Microsite templates without Intelligence Components?

These microsites are designed to be used only with the Intelligence Components package. You also have the option to add a ZoomProspector Enterprise GIS sites and buildings application.

Contact us to learn more about how Intelligence Components can work for your organization.

Q. Can I customize the templates?

Different templates offer varying customization options. All templates allow you to choose a color that matches your branding, and add your logo and images.

To see what can be done per each specific template, click on the "Content" button on the detail page of the template.

Q. Can I combine elements from different templates?

No. Each template comes with the features described. More templates will be added over time, so you can choose the microsite that best suits your needs.

Q. How do I get started?

Review the different site selection microsite templates, and choose the one which best suits your needs. Next, please click here to contact us, so the GIS Planning team can get your microsite up and running.